Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Tories on Gas Prices

This is lifted straight from the PMs daily briefing, I thought it too good not to share, those Tories are nearly as opportunistic as the Liverpool LibDems!! They dont care how stupid they make themselves look, it would seem.

Cameron launched his first campaign of the year today (Friday? LB). He went on every TV and radio studio saying he was calling for an OFT inquiry into gas prices. However, as the day went on it became clear that this was no more than a media stunt - the Tories hadn't actually contacted the OFT and, despite meeting energy company reps just two weeks ago, they didn't bother to raise the matter.

An OFT spokesman told the Press Association this afternoon that the watchdog had not received any approach from Cameron or the Conservative Party about gas prices.
Nicola Bowles, head of communications at the Energy Retail Association which represents all the UK's major gas suppliers, said: "The energy industry is surprised to hear about this as we met with senior figures from the Conservative Party just a few weeks ago and they raised no such concerns."

Labour's Trade and Industry Secretary Alistair Darling said the Tories just weren't serious about the energy debate. He said: "I'm surprised he isn't aware that the independent regulator independent of Government and the industry, Ofgem, has already said that it wants to see the reductions in prices that the gas and electricity companies are now paying passed on to consumers as quickly as possible and he should also be aware that Ofgem has powers to impose very substantial fines if companies don't do that."

"What causes high prices is uncertainty. One of the reasons that we had an energy review last summer and why we're publishing a White Paper on energy in March is because we want to make sure that we do have security of supply at reasonable prices in the future. Cameron's got this ridiculous policy on nuclear that he won't make his mind up until it's too late and as for wind power, which he says is the alternative, there are Conservative councils blocking applications up and down the country.
"We are taking action in the short term but importantly too we're taking action in the medium and the long term, something that he's not proposing to do and I believe what he's doing today is opportunistic, is increasingly showing him to be ill thought out when it comes to policy."

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