Sunday, January 28, 2007

Kensington Carbon Monoxide Detectors

There might be a bit of progress in my campaign to introduce carbon monoxide detectors into Kensington. I have been invited by Maria (hello Maria if you are reading this) to a meeting in early February with the Fire Service to explore some possibilities.

As everyone knows, since Michael died in 1999 I have always done what I can to promote detectors and it seems to me that an area with a lot of private rental properties is ideal for a scheme.

I want CO testing kits to be as routine as smoke detectors, and of course we all need one, whoever owns our homes, us or someone else.

Hopefully we are now moving forward to the possibility of at least getting something rolled out across the new deal area.

For those elsewhere in the country reading this who occasionally contact me about this issue, I will post up in here any details of costs, availability, schemes and deals we manage to organise. No sense in others reinventing the wheel if you can copy our scheme (if we get one, which I feel hopeful about).

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