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Extracts from local Police Report - December

On 4th December 2006 officers responded to a report of a burglary in progress at an address on Edge Lane, Liverpool 7. Officers immediately make to the location where they find two males, nearby, holding a quantity of household property. As the officers were about to stop the males, they attempted to make off and started to run. The officers chased the males on foot and managed to detain one of them. The male immediately became violent and started fighting with the officers. The officers used CS Spray in order to protect themselves from the attack. The male was eventually arrested and detained at St Anne Street Custody Suite.
The male was in possession of property that has now been identified as having been stolen from the Edge Lane burglary.

On 5th December 2006 officers attended an address in Belmont Drive, Liverpool 7 in company with a team of support workers. The occupant of the address was suffering from health issues and had not been seen for some time. There were concerns over the health and welfare of the male occupant. The officers knocked at the address but could not get a reply. Based on the information at hand, the officers decided to force entry to the premises.
The officers found the occupant unconscious but breathing on the living room floor. The males health was very poor so the officers administered immediate first aid until a Paramedic Team attended. The male, who had been lying on the living room floor for over twenty-four hours, was conveyed to hospital for treatment.

On 6th December 2006 officers engaged on the Christmas Drink Driving campaign observed a male who they suspected as being drunk whilst driving home from a public house in Kensington. The officers utilized the City Safe CCTV cameras to monitor and record the males driving until they were in a position to stop the vehicle.

The male driver was stopped near to his home address and arrested for drink driving. There was almost twice the legal amount of alcohol in his system. The CCTV footage provided excellent evidence for any future court appearance.

On 7th December 2006 officers from the Kensington New Deal Team carried out Licensed Premises visits at Public Houses within the Kensington area. Whilst walking into the Royal Arch Public House on Kensington, the officers were greeted by two males who were trying to leave the pub. The males were seen to be holding a quantity of Cannabis in their hands as they walked out the front doors. The two males were quickly arrested for possession of controlled drug and conveyed to St Annes Street Custody Suite.

On 8th December 2006 officers engaged on Prostitution Operation ‘Rose’ were traveling along Geneva Road, Liverpool 7 when they saw a motor vehicle pull to the side of the road and stop. The officers, suspicious at the drivers actions, parked near to the vehicle and spoke to the driver. As the officers approached the vehicle, the driver jumped out and started to run off along the road. The male was detained and further examination of the vehicle found the door was damaged and the ignition barreled. The vehicle had been stolen a couple of minutes earlier from a nearby street.

On 8th December 2006 the Kensington New Deal Team arranged for Community Support Officers and Special Constables to represent the Police at an Employment Open Day at the Job Bank on Tunnel Road in Wavertree. The event was aimed at offering employment opportunities to local residents. A number of businesses also attended. The event resulted in fifteen enquires to join the Merseyside Police Community Support Officers and a further eighteen considering joining the Special Constabulary. (Several from ethnic minority groups).

On 13th December 2006 officers from Tuebrook Police Station took part in an area wide arrest day, targeting persons responsible for committing Burglaries across Liverpool North. Fifty addresses were raided during the Operation and a number of key Burglary targets were arrested. A substantial amount of stolen property was recovered and a clear message was sent to criminals that we would continue taking positive action against them over the festive period.

On 15th December 2006 officers from the Kensington New Deal Police Team patrolled the Botanic Park / walled garden area due to a recent increase in youth disorder within the park.
The team discovered that approximately thirty-five teenagers are using the secure walled area of the park to drink alcohol. As the Police arrived, the majority of youths ran away by climbing over the fence which joins Edge Lane. A number of drunken youngster were detained and taken home to parents.

There were numerous empty bottles of spirits and cans of lager strewn across the park. Four bottles of vodka were recovered from under a bush. It is evident that the fence which leads onto Edge Lane is too low and unsuitable for keeping the youngsters out of the park. A higher, more substantial fence needs to be erected so that the youths cannot easily climb into the walled area.
(I have taken this up with the council - Louise)

On 16th December 2006, In the light of the murders of sex workers in Ipswich, police implemented increased patrolling in the Sheil Road area of Liverpool 7, which is often frequented by sex workers and their clients. The patrols were in addition to the increased Policing being undertaken as part of Operation Rose and designed to offer reassurance to local residents in the locality. Numerous vehicles were stopped and the drivers spoken to. The drivers were warned that if they are identified as kerb crawlers, their details would be passed to the murder team in Ipswich for further investigation to be carried out. Sex worker and client activity was minimal during this period.

On 18th December 2006 officers took part in the Operation Nemesis Christmas Drink Drive campaign. The Operation focused on the area of Prescott Road and the Sheil Road area of Kensington.

Forty-one vehicles were stopped and checked. Twenty-eight negative breath tests were administered. Ten fixed penalties notices were issued for Road Traffic Offences and five vehicles were seized for no insurance culminating in the drivers being summonsed to court.
As well as targeting drink driving offences in the area, the Operation proves an excellent tool at targeting criminal activity within Kensington and Tuebrook.

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day officers the Kensington, Fairfield and Tuebrook residents seemed to embrace the Christmas spirit and there were very few incidents reported to the Police.

The main focus of calls were domestic related incidents where ex-partners had attended their estranged partners homes wishing to be with their Children at Christmas.
During one incident, officers were called to a report of a fight between husband and wife in Rufford Road, Liverpool 7. It transpired that the wife had burnt the Christmas Turkey and an argument ensued. Patrols attending the dispute could not calm the male and he was arrested to prevent a further breach of the peace.

The male remained in Police custody for the rest of Christmas Day and had a choice of delicious micro-wave meals for Christmas dinner.

During New Years Eve / Day, officers attended three times the normal volume of calls than a busy Saturday night. The officers performed exceptionally well under difficult circumstances.

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