Sunday, January 28, 2007

Booze 24/7 and McDonalds

Another of the 24 hour off licences on Prescot Road has now blotted its copybook.

A branch of McDonalds in Huyton has been slipping adverts for free home delivery of booze into children's happy meals.

I am sure there is an extremely tasteless joke in there somewhere.

The leaflets are from Booze 24/7 on Prescot Road, opposite Not Drunk Enough.

I was visiting local businesses in the area yesterday morning and they have told me about drunk young people, especially young girls, falling into the gutter, hurting themselves and making themselves terribly vulnerable to predatory attacks. Thankfully the cold weather has dampened down some of the activity in the band stand but otherwise problems continue in this area.

What kind of a world do we live in where alcohol is now being advertised to kids eating happy meals (in Scooby Do boxes)?

Mind you, the LibDems believe that the age at which alcohol should be sold, should be reduced from 18 to 16, so perhaps they wont see a problem with that.

I have of course reported this latest violation to the Liverpool City Council Licensing Committee and officers, asking them to review the license on the grounds of protection of children from harm - not for me a quote in the newspaper but no action like certain LibDem councillors I could point the finger at....

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