Sunday, January 28, 2007

Full council - what a joke

I know I moan about Neighbourhood Committees in our area, about how no members of the public come because we have long since scared them away and how my two co-councillors mainly use the proceedings as an opportunity to do some ill-judged finger pointing and ranting.

Well all I can say after last week's full council meeting is that Neighbourhood Committee are positively pleasant in comparison.

Full council is the meeting where all 90 councillors from all parties come together to debate and vote on issues of importance to the city of Liverpool.

Or at least that is what the poster would say.

The reality is that it is an unruly, disgraceful, very badly behaved bear-pit. It doesnt matter how sensible your suggestion is, how valuable your contribution to the debate, it is all drowned out by yah-boo and catcalls.

And I am afraid that both Labour and LibDem are guilty of this.

The only silver lining is that like Neighbourhood Committees, thankfully the public dont show up.

I am positive that one glimpse of our meetings would be enough to put most people off voting ever again.

The trouble is that it suits particularly the men. They enjoy all the raging testosterone and the sharp retorts. They wont ever countenance a change, to a calmer and more reflective chamber with thoughtful debates.

I am torn between wishing the public would turn up en masse and berate the councillors, shaming them into finally behaving in a civilised way, and wishing they never ever turn up and find out how disgraceful their elected representatives behave.

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