Friday, December 15, 2006

Legalising Prostitution

According to the Daily Post, Dr John Elford, former Canon of Liverpool Cathedral has today called for the legalisation of prostitution saying we must have compassion for the women who find themselves in this terrible situation.

I do have compassion for them, like him I want them to be helped and supported to give up taking drugs, assisted with their debt problems, helped with housing and child care.

Like him, I endlessly worry about very young women in incredible danger on our streets. Prostitutes have been attacked and killed in Liverpool just as they have in Ipswich.

Like him I worry about families living in places like Sheil Road whose lives have been made a misery by prostitution in their area.

Where I cannot agree with him though is that the answer to this exploitation, misery and abuse is to legalise prostitution.

It is not right that young women should be forced to sell their own bodies to men for their sexual gratification. It wont ever be right and no amount of tidying prostitution up and finding some safe corner of an industrial estate to put a monitored brothel will change this fact.

If you legalise prosititution then you condone exploitation of young vulnerable women, you say that it is okay for men to abuse and defile them, just because they have paid.

I will never tolerate that, my compassion wouldn't let me.

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Anonymous said...

Well said Louise I agree with every word. This is a knee jerk reaction from a man who should know better. Shame on him.