Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What do you have on your back seat?

I have just been alerted to a new service now being undertaken in Liverpool whereby the police (and perhaps other crime-fighting organisations? not sure of the precise detail) are now alerting motorists to potential vehicle crime. Apparently, if a police officer has a look into your car and sees something that might be attractive to a thief, they will now write to you at home. The letter may something like "I looked into your car parked on the High Street and saw a bag/jacket/laptop case etc on the back seat/in the footwell and thought it looked tempting to a burglar, please don't make yourself so vulnerable again, take it away with you or lock it in the boot" Okay, I am only guessing what the letter might say but the implications are important and obvious. Well done to the Police Service for taking this measure, it's one to be applauded!

(Assistant Cabinet Member for Community Safety reporting...)


Anonymous said...

the police also go around checking peoples UPVC doors - apparently the trend now is for burglars to just check the door handles and walk in when people don't lock up properly.

the police are also doing this - frighting people a bit mind, but I understand their motivation

James Noakes said...

Operation Handle is something that was (and is) a great success in my ward of Clubmoor. The shock some people get is balanced by the relief that it is the Police!