Monday, September 27, 2010

Ed Miliband - new Labour Leader

I have finally broken my duck! After 18 years I have voted successfully for the new Leader of the Labour Party. I voted for Ed Miliband because I think he has good things to say about the things that I care about - ordinary working people in our country, equality and diversity, co-operation and mutualism and reconnecting with members and the elecorate.

I only popped over to Manchester for the weekend - I am too busy really to take the whole week off work, and I did not bother to order a ticket for the Leader's declaration - and was feeling too tight to buy the day pass that I would have needed (that is probably nearer to the truth really), so I watched the results live on TV.

I wandered into a bar just outside the conference cordon where I recognised my mate Darren Clifford and he told me that a big group of young people who had worked on Ed Miliband's campaign had reserved a part of the bar with a big television, ready to watch the coverage as it came in from the conference centre next door, so I went to join them. And found I knew some of them who live in Manchester and from our region.

When the result came in they were delirious with joy, you would have thought we had just won the world cup, at the very least. Then Ed came to the rostrum and you could have heard a pin drop in the bar as they all watched their man address them for the first time as leader. I thought I would share these few photographs with you.

Ed was keen to stress that a new generation is now taking the lead within the Labour Party and if these are his supporters then I can quite believe it.

If you are interested in such things, I voted EM1, DM2, DA3, EB4. No fifth

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