Friday, September 17, 2010

LibDem conference demos are NOT CANCELLED

Ignore the sloppy journalism in the Echo, the demonstrations have not been cancelled. Turn up as asked on Saturday and Sunday.

The police have asked the demo organisers if they would please relocate to a very visible and high-profile spot in front of Salthouse Dock where they will be on public land (and the council has repaired any loose cobbles to make it safe for everyone). The location will take 4000 people - and let's hope that many turn up to make their passionate feelings about LibDem/Tory coalition government cuts plain to both the visitors and local people who pass the spot.

The demonstrators had originally intended to protest outside Jury's Inn but now understand this is private land and wont in any case accomodate a group of their size without seriously interfering with public safety or the legitimate passage of staff, police, innocent passers-by etc.

One demo organiser has posted this message on her Facebook

"I have spoken to the police, we are working together, we have an allocated area, the police support our right to protest. We are bringing our children, and our picnics and we will not tolerate any anti social-behaviour! We are all in it together x"

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