Friday, September 10, 2010

Liverpool Pride Review

Labour Party at Liverpool Pride

We had a Pride Review meeting earlier this week to assess what went well (pretty much everything) and what we might do differently next time. If you have any thoughts about any aspects of the day please do let me have them and I will add them to the review. All of the agencies reported back total satisfaction: with the turnout, with the way the crowds behaved, with the weather, the route and flow of the march, the fact that community groups and organisations were able to play such a strong role and that nobody (well nobody except for you know who) dominated the event or tried to take over. Also praised were the volunteers and the police, fire, council and travel officers who were on duty on the day. Planning will need to be begun much earlier for next year, which is likely to be during early August again, and any lessons learnt will be taken up by them. We created quite a comprehensive list at the review meeting. My thanks again to everyone who took part.

Pictured: Some of the Labour members who attended the Pride event and marched in the parade

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