Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Free cash machine for Kensington and Fairfield - update

When I was first selected to stand as the Labour candidate for Kensington and Fairfield in November 2005, I embarked upon a serious door-knocking exercise, what did local people want?

One thing they clearly wanted was a cash-machine that was free to use.

This came up at several Your Community Matters meetings too, so as a then representative on the board of Kensington Regeneration (which I later resigned from in disgust at their plans to spend half of their income on admin instead of on local people's priorities), I pushed very hard for this.

Having been at the opening of the new Iceland store on Prescot Road, joining many very happy local shoppers, I thought again about this promise and so I wrote this week to local Liverpool City Council officers to ask them whether we in the council are still progressing this on your behalf.

This is the reply I have received.

"I've had a further update on the cashpoint and apparently getting them fitted is a lengthy and complex process (security, technical issues and insurances etc) and the probable installation date is January 2011 but the relevant officers are working to speed that as best they can. I think there is a clear understanding of the importance of free cash machines to low income communities so this won't be forgotten about."

This is good news and I am looking forward to standing in the queue to be one of the first people ever to draw cash from a machine that does not charge.

In the meantime you may wish to know that the machine located at the petrol station in front of the Devonshire House Hotel (which you can walk to down Deane Road or Beech Street) is free to use.

Labour in Kensington and Fairfield - keeping our promises.

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Lib Dem Activist said...

This is a particuarly welcome development.

I've previously found myself strapped for cash after either delivering leaflets and want something to eat and drink from the Weatherspoons, or after one night stands in the ward (seriously).

And I DETESTE those machines that charge!