Friday, September 10, 2010

Saul and Leanne’s wedding

And talking of Deane Road Cemetery – members of the committee were delighted to attend the wedding of our project manager, and senior warden at Princes Road Synagogue, Saul Marks to Leanne Matalon. The service was very interesting and exciting as I had not been to a Jewish wedding before and Saul had thoughtfully provided a brochure which explained what was being said and what each part of the service meant.

It was very different to a Christian service, it took place under a canopy in the centre of the synagogue, at one point Leanne had to walk round Saul 7 times. Saul was also asked, as part of the formalities, to go into the Bride’s Room in the Synagogue to establish that the bride that was being presented to him, was in fact the woman he wanted to marry - this in remembrance of Jacob who was tricked in marrying Leah by her father Laban when really he wanted to marry her sister Rachel. All Jewish men now check that they are marrying the right woman, before putting her veil down for her. Later in the ceremony Saul stamped on a glass and broke it, to symbolise that though this was a lovely, special day, all was not well with the world and we should remember trials and tribulations elsewhere.

The wedding reception was in the Racquet club and it was fabulous, wonderful staff, wonderful service and wonderful food, catered by a Kosher firm. Maria, Cath, Muriel, Arnold, his wife and I all had a wonderful time.

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scouseboy said...

I wish I had checked I had married the right woman when I got married before I got some sense!!
Lovely pictures, I have met Saul at Deane Rd Cemetery, such an enthusiatic and passionate person.
Congratulations to the happy couple.