Wednesday, September 01, 2010

In the dog house?

So, I finally have it confirmed by one who knows, the true identity of the poisonous little canine. I knew it was you all the time, Dude, and you know I knew, despite your many denials. Yes you clearly had a couple of helpers (and I know who they are too but I have already made my peace with them). But there were too many stories where there was only us there - like the time I set the shower off and some poor woman got wet. And then there was the title of the photo of the dog that graces the front page of your blog, you've obviously spotted your mistake at some point and changed it, but not before I clocked it using "view source". You just weren't clever enough. You built your "fortress" on shifting sands, but the game is now up. I shall say no more on this subject, since you appear to have reformed somewhat of late and I suspect you are hurting - and I don't relish pain in others. But I will say this, don't get too cocky again, little dog. As the man at the back of the shops where I hung out as a kid, used to say, as he shook his fist at us for being naughty "I know your name and I know where you live".


Gerard Thompson said...


Hope you're well. Congrats on the poll rating - much deserved. -Thats blog poll rating btw ;)

Now, this Dude issue. I do occasionally cast my eye on the blog, but it seemed to be apparent from the formation of the Coalition onwards, Dude changed sides to Labour, leaving the beatific Sally to fend for herself.

Now to my mind, there has only been one individual who has "crossed the floor", and so I should imagine the identity has become all too clear in recent weeks!

Louise Baldock said...

Nice try Gerard, but no cigar! There is no longer any doubt about the true identity of the original Dude, or indeed his little helpers ;-)
But I will let the sleeping dog now lie, providing he behaves himself from here on.
Thanks for the kind words about the blog poll.
Hope you are finding things to keep you gainfully occupied, Cheers, Louise