Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Sheffield BSF programme "saved"

I learn that Sheffield is to get its new secondary schools under BSF, unlike Liverpool where the programme has been scrapped. Great news for Sheffield's children and young people!

Sheffield though, now that rings a bell, let me think, why would that be?

Oh I remember, Nick Clegg is an MP there, Sheffield Hallam

What a marvellous coincidence. I bet he was really pleased when he read that in his newspaper this morning.


Gerard Thompson said...

Come on, now.

Oh, ok - let me try:

A marvellous coincidence the then Labour government went round with an open cheque book, mainly in marginal Labour constituencies, prior to a General Election they knew they would lose.

We know it. You know it.

Louise Baldock said...

Hey Gerard, you cannot blame me for giving it a go, you know you would do the same if the boot was on the other foot xx