Friday, July 09, 2010

Robert Baldock BA MSci (Hons.) Cantab

If you know me well then you will agree that I am gregarious and extrovert, I love people and gathering them up around me. And through my teenage years I keenly felt the lack of a brother. In fact Lisa reminded me once that when I first met her, aged 12, I pretended I had a brother, a bit older than me, nothing special, just a regular boy, named Paul. He was a figment of my imagination sadly and for years Maxine and I were the extent of the next generation. However it all changed one year, when we successfully acquired both a brother and a second little sister, Alex, we will let the details of the hows and whys stand, unaddressed. Suffice it to say that I was delighted on both accounts.

When Robert was born I was absolutely thrilled, I am privileged to be not only his big sister but also his Godmother, my cup, as it were, ran over.

So that has set the scene, Robert's big day.

Last week I was in Cambridge, with Maxine and Dad and Robin to celebrate Robert's graduation as BA MSci (Hons.) Cantab. I was the proudest big sister and Godmother in the whole world as I sat right at the front in the Senate House and watched him bestowed with his awards in front of his peers.

We had a fab weekend, as a family, enjoying his celebrations and anticipating whether he would be successful in his application to study a PhD at the same University - and I can tell you now that he has been.

Robert Baldock, the boy done good, love you!


scouseboy said...

The boy done good indeed!

Louise Baldock said...

I have got some more photos to put up later.