Friday, July 09, 2010

Another extraordinarily candid interview with Warren Bradley

Say what you like about the man, Councillor Warren Bradley can be jawdroppingly candid, open and frank at times.

You may remember that following the June 2009 European Election, Warren told us that many of his LibDem colleagues were complacent and took the electorate for granted.

Then in the run up to the General Election he told us how the LibDems had ripped out the heart of our communities with the Council's HMRI programme.

Today I read in the Daily Post that he has said the LibDems face wipeout in the North of England "We’re in a weak coalition, that will deliver nothing to the Lib-Dems except total electoral decimation." I think he is probably right.

I asked in an earlier entry this week what he would be thinking as BSF is scrapped in Liverpool, and this is what he told the paper, “It’s ridiculous, the plans for BSF were so far advanced and it’s unforgivable that other funding options are not in place. I honestly felt physically sick.”

I think that was a very brave thing to say, well done Warren, sometimes you simply cannot defend the indefensible. Good on you.

Interestingly he also says that some of his colleagues on the LibDem benches are considering their positions, I wonder if that will mean defections to Steve Radford's Party, or to the Greens, or whether we would welcome any of the more sensible members ourselves, or could we see a slew of Independents?

Fascinating times...


scouseboy said...

Even ten months before the next council elections, I have been doing some research,and here are my Liverpool City Council predictions:


Anonymous said...

Well I hope the Labour party relise how good Gerard Woodhouse is in County and the work he is doing he is locally Known as St Gerard we in County would not welcome Karen Affird or Marylyn we want a person who will work as hard as Gerard.

Well done gerard for sorting the Vilage problems out in 5 weeks we have asked the Lib Dems to act for the last 7 years again well done you are our ST GERARD

Pat and all the Committee

Anonymous said...

Can't help but wonder about scouseboy's worthless ponderings make those figures into an eighteen seat majority?

Perhaps that's why Labour never do too well with the economy :p

Louise Baldock said...

Yeah, he missed the "teen" off the end. I wouldn't say no to an 18 seat majority but I am not sure I am counting quite as many chickens as that...

scouseboy said...

you are right, I did miss the teen off. Freudian slip. Sorry! I stand by my predictions though, which are based on the 2007 local election results

scouseboy said...

And I further predict the fib dms will end up as a rump of 23/24 councillors in 2012 if their national party carries on with it's road to oblivion.

Anonymous said...

It could very well happen. It happens to all parties who forget who they're representing as Labour went down to a rump of 22 in 1996 in Liverpool.