Friday, July 09, 2010

How much??

I put my beloved OBBy through an MOT and service last week. £550 it cost me. That pretty much puts paid to a summer holiday this year. Several friends recommended that I scrap the car, but I paid it off nearly 4 years ago, and I cannot afford to buy a new one. Where would I get a few thousand pounds from? Is £550 too much to pay to keep the car on the road for another year? I thought not, but it really did sting!

The garage, Nationwide Autocentre on Smithdown Road, explained that having passed the 70,000 mileage stage, certain things need replacing, indeed some needed replacing 20,000 miles ago so I guess in some ways I have had it easy.

Anyway, more on OBBy later, I had a very scary moment that I need to tell you about.

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scouseboy said...

Louise, against the cost of a new car, of which you would have to pay monthly repayments,I think £550 to keep your car on the road for a year is the better option by comparison.
I drive an 09 car, and it costs me £1500 a year before I put in any diesel or even the car moves an inch!