Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Full list of BSF school programmes

This is a list of all the schools in the country in the BSF programme, showing which are stopped, which are unaffected and which are still up for discussion. (Item 2 on the menu you are taken to). It has been corrected as Gove gave incorrect information yesterday and was forced back into the House today to apologise. Some schools who thought they were safe have now been devastated to learn that they too are to be left in substandard accomodation.

(Sheffield is still safe though, phew, thank heavens for that)

I see my old school is stopped, also the controversial scheme in Egglescliffe that some say cost the Labour MP her seat.


Cath said...

Are you sure Sheffield is safe in view of the latest cock up?

scouseboy said...

One could argue that Knowsley had tremendous forsight in getting their schools remodelled early.
I personally put it down to luck, and also the helping hand of the previous Labour government.Even after a few short weeks Oh for those days to return!!