Monday, July 26, 2010

Are the wheels coming off the coalition band-wagon?

It hasn't taken very long, not even 3 months in and the coalition is starting to fall apart.

We have embarassing videos appearing to show George Osborne making fun of Nick Clegg having to front tough decisions in the House of Commons. We have the LibDems in Barnsley distributing a leaflet to voters saying they are sorry about the coalition and its policies and asking voters whether they should go independent or join Labour. We have the LibDem Deputy Leader contender, Tim Farron MP expressing his doubts about the coalition and calling the Tories "toxic". We have the Liverpool LibDem Leader saying the party would be wiped out in 5 years. We have David Davis and his Brokeback Mountain jibe.
We also have a poll today showing that 40% of LibDem voters would not have done so, had they realised the LibDems would go into a coalition with the Tories.

I wonder what odds Ladbrokes are giving for the coaition to go the full term?

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scouseboy said...

I have no doubt that they, unfortunately for the rest of us,will complete a full term.
They have 22 Fib Dems on the government payroll,and even if the back bench Fib Dems do the right thing and rebel, there will still be enough votes to help the unholy coalision cling to power. Even if any of the Fib Dem ministers find the courage of their convictions and resign, there will be plenty more Fib Dems whose heads would be turned by the sniff of power, no matter what they say to the contrary. It is very cringeworthy hearing Clegg and Co calling the Tories "my honourable friend"