Tuesday, September 29, 2009

People in glasshouses should not throw stones

So what has LibDem Parliamentary hopeful, and Liverpool councillor, Colin Eldridge got to say for himself about this story? which is repeated here and crucially, here?

And you might find some interesting items here too - take a look at August 6th or July 13th

There are very strict laws against applicants for jobs lobbying councillors, and likewise for aforementioned councillors lobbying recruiters.

Edit: Very interesting take on this story on the Though Cowards Flinch blog referring to a famous dodgy recruitment within LCC 25 years ago today.


scouseboy said...

Glass houses indeed. Cllr Eldridge will be unemployed after the beginning of May next year.

Polo said...

Hypocrite, Colin Elderidge is a mud splattering hypocrite, who by this action, has shown us, he cannot be trusted, believed or taken notice of, as he is a dam hypocrite!
Just the sort of behaviour we have come to expect from the slimey back slapping, Liverpool Liberal Democrat Party.
If you see your leader and his mates getting away with it, then don't expect the followers not to do the same.
Hypocritical Liberal Democrat that should not be allowed into Wavertree.
Put an ASBO on him?