Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Dropping like flies

Several LibDem councillors have today announced their resignation/retirement in next May's local elections in Liverpool. In some wards in the city I am quite sure that flags will be flying and champagne corks will be popping!

But we start with the retirement of Sir Trevor Jones who is retiring from a long period of honourable public service, including leading the council. First elected in 1968, Jones the Vote has done more than his bit for the city and I am sure tributes will be many, and genuinely meant.

Then we have the news that Croxteth Councillor Nadia Stewart, elected in 2006, as a Labour councillor, granddaughter of Ken Stewart MEP, is standing down this time. She resigned the Labour whip after relations with the Labour Group broke down, and then signed up with the Liberal Democrats on the night of the count in 2008, allowing the LibDems to cling to power by 1 seat, drawing the wrath of Labour supporters across the city. I believe she would have definitely lost her seat this time had she stood as a Liberal Democrat so standing down makes sense.

Convicted criminal, Councillor Steve Hirst, about whom I have blogged several times, he being one of my own representatives, has announced that he will not be seeking reelection in May. It says in tonight's Echo that he "became fed up with the press coverage and the fact the issue would not go away". I am not sure why he thought otherwise. I have expressed my thoughts before about his suitability to represent the good people of Wavertree ward, and I don't need to repeat them here.

Colin Eldridge is reported as having sold his laundry business and announced he won't be standing as a councillor in Church ward again in May, in the (vain) hope that he might be elected as the next Member of Parliament for Wavertree. If I was him I would be praying that the PM calls the election before May so that he has the chance to change his mind and put his nomination papers in to stay on the council, rather than face the dole queue.

The Echo reports that "more prominent Councillors" are expected to announce that they too are handing in their cards very soon. I can hardly wait! One could happily open a book on this one.


scouseboy said...

I know one Lib Dem Cllr who is from my neck of the woods who almost certainly will not stand, and her replacement is most definitely not wanted. He has been rejected at the ballot box in the same ward three times in the last two and a half years!!!

Tom Morrison said...

Scouse boy... you're not talking about Tony Concepcion are you? ;)

Your blogposts always make me laugh Cllr Baldock, keep up the good work!

(Well done on your polling in Total politics by the way)


scouseboy said...

Wrong area of the city Mr. Morrison, and also wrong Party. I was referring to your friends, the Fib Dems. By the way, I know Tony Conception well. I worked alongside him last time he was a councillor, and he made a great job of it, as I am sure he will do again.

Louise Baldock said...

Thanks Tom, to be in the top 100 of Left of Centre blogs, for the third year running is extremely humbling. I was thrilled. I had thought that the inclusion into the category, of other political parties, and non-aligned blogs like those against the war etc meant I had no chance.

Tom Morrison said...

Well you've done well!

Scouseboy, I was merely being a joker...

Louise Baldock said...

And on the latest list, I am 45 out of the top 100 Labour blogs! That is up 30 places on last year and 10 on the year before! Dead chuffed! Thanks everyone

Anonymous said...

Just a factual point, Cllr Stewart was first elected in 2004 then re-elected in 2006.