Thursday, September 24, 2009

LibDem "savage cuts" in Kensington and Fairfield

So Nick Clegg wants to see savage cuts in spending in Kensington and Fairfield (and elsewhere in the country).

I wonder where he sees the axe falling?

He has dropped the pledge to scrap tuition fees, so the students wont love him any more.

Will he close our sure start centre on Gilead Street?

Will he scrap our PCSOs in L6 and L7?

Will he close our youth club on Walker Street?

Will he abandon our Winter Fuel Allowance for local pensioners?

Perhaps he would scrap our commitment to the NHS surgery planned for Edge Lane?

Or close a few dentists?

Will he close one of our primary schools perhaps?

One thing is for sure, he cannot close our One Stop Shop because the LibDems decided to shift the money out and build a tourist information office in town instead.

And he cannot close the Rehabilitation centre for stroke victims on Boaler Street - because his LibDems did that already.

And he cannot close the library on Lister Drive that served Fairfield, because guess what, the LibDems already closed that last year.

Just how savage are these cuts going to be, and where will they fall?

Colin Eldridge should come clean. But we wont hold our breath, because as he astonishingly told Channel 4 about gun and knife crime in Liverpool, "It's not up to boring men in suits like me to come up with solutions."


scouseboy said...

Eldridge should have kept his dry cleaning business,as he will be unemployed after May next year.

Anonymous said...

Out of context and out of ideas.. well done Louise, classic Labour spin, from a failed Labour Press Officer.

Professor Y. Chucklebutty said...

Colin Eldrige won't come clean now. He's just sold his cleaning business

Louise Baldock said...

Failed Labour Press Officer? Au contraire mate. I was and still am very successful. If there is anyone out of ideas it is the Libdems who have brought Liverpool to its knees with debts running into millions. A £120million black hole within 5 years according to the city treasurer.

Louise Baldock said...

This story is not going to go away, despite LibDem activists attempts to clutter up my inbox with the usual rude messages. Where will the savage cuts fall in Liverpool Wavertree, and where specifically in Kensington and Fairfield? We have an absolute right to be told. Clegg cannot bandy about words like "savage cuts" then refuse to identify them. And Eldridge as his local candidate of choice, must explain the position.