Thursday, September 24, 2009

Colin Eldridge under fire at LibDem conference

The Guardian is reporting that LibDems at their party conference in Bournemouth this year were unhappy with proposals from Liverpool Wavertree wannabe MP, Colin Eldridge to reclassify all films as 18 certificates which feature smoking.

What future for old childhood favourites 101 Dalmatians, Pinocchio and Alice In Wonderland you may ask?

Still, at least it kept people's attention away from the savage cuts local people can look forward to if Colin Eldridge ever becomes an MP


scouseboy said...

Popeye the sailor reclassified 18?

Anonymous said...

Given that the Guardian has managed to misreport what the plan is, and even the genesis of the plan, your readers might want the truth.

The proposal to give 18 certificates to films that feature smoking comes from the PCT which in turn says it comes from the DeMyst group of young people who are part of Smoke Free Liverpool.

A consultation is currently taking place to see what people's views are on a proposed amendment ( requested by the PCT) to the local authority's licensing policy.

What the PCT wants is for all new films that show smoking to have an 18 certificate in Liverpool unless
* the film shows a genuine historical character known to smoke
* the film portrays smoking in a negative light (perhaps by a big of dialogue)

The Consultation, which can be addessed at the following weblink
is open until Oct 12th.

I am against this plan and am, as far as I am aware, the only LCC councillor from any party to have spoken out on this to date.

However the fact that I am against this does not mean it shouldn't be reported accurately.

Louise, as an elected member you will have had, as I did and everyone else did, material from the PCT about why they want to make this change.

Personally I think this is a step too far. I supported the ban on smoking in public places for good Liberal reasons and it is those same reasons that make me not support this. Of course if there were a clear causation argument I may have to think again but to date the evidence I have seen has been about visual imagery in general and not just about cinemas.


Louise Baldock said...

Thanks Paula. The Guardian suggests that Colin spoke up in favour of this at a LibDem fringe at conference. Is that not true then?

Paul said...

Not quite relevant, except to te boy Eldridge and his little recruitment issue, but thought you might like this on same