Friday, September 04, 2009

Liverpool beats York, Chester, Bath and MANCHESTER!

Story from Insider Business News focussing on Liverpool

Liverpool ranked in top three UK cities
Ongoing investment in Liverpool's tourist offering following Capital of Culture 2008 has enabled to city to be named in the top three UK city break destinations for the second successive year by readers of travel magazine Condé Nast Traveller. This is the second year Liverpool has found itself ranked behind only London and Edinburgh in the list of favourite UK cities, placing it ahead of popular destinations like Bath (4th), Oxford (5th), Manchester (6th) and York (7th).

There is nothing like a zealous convert to promote a cause. And I am such a creature.

I was born in the West Midlands, lived there for 12 years, spent the next 20 years in Teesside (in the North East of England), then 6 years in West Yorkshire before coming to Liverpool. I realise that for some of you that makes me considerably older than you thought I was, what can I say, gorgeous to the last.

However, all that aside, I have lived in Liverpool for 5 years now, almost precisely and I love my new adopted city.

How wonderful to hear that we are the third most popular city in the country. I have done my bit to encourage friends and family to visit, but if there is more I can do, if there are more people I can share the wonder of Liverpool with, I shall do my best.

And I truly believe that the coming of Labour Party conference in 2011 will be a wonderful fillip in developing the British view of Liverpool as somewhere that should be a vital part of any traveller's plans.

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