Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Annual dahlia visit to Reynolds Park

I had a little visit to Reynolds Park on the Saturday before my birthday for my now annual opportunity to photograph some of the wonderful blooms.

I was very disappointed to see a sign saying that the walled garden within the park would be closed on the following Bank Holiday. I must write to the head of Parks and ask why this was, the council's website says it should be open on bank holidays but I have always found it closed when I have visited on them. I would think a bank holiday was an ideal day to visit such a lovely park. If you have not been, this hidden gem lies off Church Road, Liverpool 25, with other entrances from Woolton Hill Road and Woolton Road.

Well worth a trip, although you have to be careful not to turn green with envy when you think of the contrast with Newsham Park - particularly in terms of herbaceous borders, or the lack thereof.

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Louise Baldock said...

Further to this blog, I have now met with Paul Scragg, head of Parks, on another matter and raised this with him and have also written formally to him. Will let you know when I have a formal response.