Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Newsham Park Steering Group

A much more organised meeting of the Newsham Park Steering Group this month, all officers either present or having sent written reports. We were looking at progress and plans for Prescot Road and Prescot Drive houses. Readers will recall various blogs on this subject explaining how the council dithered for so long that demolition was the only answer left for these splendid properties.

I can confirm, with great sadness, that the affected houses on Prescot Drive, facing the park, that Jonathan Brown and the Friends of Newsham Park, along with the Fairfield Residents Association fought so hard to keep, have now been demolished and the site cleared.

And I can confirm that demolition will begin on Prescot Road very soon. There are only 5 householders left in situ and we are working with them to find suitable financial recompense and where they wish our help, alternative accomodation.

I am pleased however to say that local concerns that Bellway, as the preferred developers for the area, will be developing the site, are misplaced. We intend to develop a brief to go out to tender next year, which sympathetic local builders will be free to pitch for. We have already talked as a group about a design scheme that looks not unlike the one that Venture Housing Association built behind their new office on Boaler Street - three storey town houses, brick built, with pitched roofs and sympathetic design features in keeping with neighbouring properties.

Fairfield Residents Association has played a full part in all consultation and meetings. Obviously the new houses wont be as wonderful as the villas they replace but we will not support anything that looks like a little box, not after all this suffering. I will keep you posted.

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