Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Gordon Brown's Speech

Here is the speech, in full, lasts about an hour.

Do take the time to watch it and give me your feedback

I thought it was really good, I particularly enjoyed hearing the commitments he piled up. Real commitments that speak to Labour's people, some on the left, some on the centre-left, and plenty of them.

Final end to the hereditary peers in the House of Lords, replaced with an elected second chamber.
PR for general elections (or at least an alternative voting system)
Commitment to nuclear disarmament
Introduction of a National Care Service
Legal commitment to the expenditure of 0.7% GDP on overseas aid
Increased powers to tackle ASB
Councils to have the right to turn down 24 hour licences for alcohol
Listens to voices against compulsory ID cards and drops the proposal
Commitment to increase minimum wage every single year without fail
Commitment to send police round within 48 hours for non emergencies
Commitment for cancer patients to have been seen, tested and have results within 1 week
Commitment for education/training for all until 18
Commitment to allow constituents to "call in" MPs who have let them down
Commitment to free childcare for the under 2s for poorer families

and lots more

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Laurence said...


Looks like Gordon Brown must have listened to the Lib Dems as we were the most prominent "voice" against compulsory ID cards, then?
C'mon...we were right on this one. Give us some credit for it at least.