Friday, January 09, 2009

Young Conservatives beggar belief

If you ever had the slightest doubt, even the tiniest smidgeon of hesitation about whether the Conservatives might still be the revolting people that Theresa May once described as "the nasty party", you will lose that potential softening in an instant when you read this story from the Daily Telegraph.

A young Conservative member who posed with David Cameron during the Crewe and Nantwich by-election has hosted a bad taste party where he dressed up as missing Madeleine McCann and a friend dressed up as Baby P, whilst others discussed dressing up as Robert Murat, the man who was initially accused of complicity in Madeleine's disappearance and the wife and daughter of Josef Fritzl, who were kept imprisoned in a cellar in Amstetten, Austria.

Of course this Young Conservative, Chair of the Staffordshire branch, has been expelled - but only, I would suggest, because the story got out, God only knows what they think is good fun for a New Year party that we never get to hear about.

There is bad taste and there is execrable taste - you decide

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steve faragher said...

Perhaps one of them should have gone to the party dressed as Harry (or the Ginger Bastard as he should now known given his disputed parentage) dressed as a nazi.
It does sort of give some insight into the YCs dubvious morals and world view, I'm so glad I'll be dead or off me trolley by them the time this bunch of hooray henrys and henriettas come to power in 20 years time.