Thursday, January 22, 2009

How much the Labour Government spent on Liverpool's Capital of Culture

For your information - the Lib Dems keep insisting that the Government has not contributed to the Capital of Culture.

They are being grossly uneconomical with the truth

LCC asked for £10million of public money from the Government to support Capital of Culture. They have in fact had £27.37 million from the Government direct and through its agencies. Even European Money is match funded by Government

Note from Director of Finance, LCC, July 2007 follows - more funds will have been drawn down since he wrote this.

"During the period 2005/6- 2008/9 the DCMS have agreed to provide funding of £5m. This is provided via the Arts Council which has also agreed to provide funding of £5m making a total of £10m. Of this amount £6m has been received to date.

In addition the Arts Council have provided £320,000 towards the Friendship and £100,000 for the funding of a specific post.

During the period 2005/6-2008/9 there are agreements in place for funding from a range of funding partners:

a) ERDF Phase 3 Grant £10m ( of which £3.9m has been drawn down )

ERDF Phase 2 Grant £2.5m ( Drawn down in respect of 2003/4 and 2004/5)

b) North West Development Agency £2m ( Plus £250,000 re 2004/5)

c) Urban Cultural Programme £1.2m

d) Funding for specific posts of over £0.5m over the period from organizations including:

Arts and Business North West

English Heritage


Sport England

Learning and Skills Council

e) Funding for specific programme costs of over £0.5m from organizations including:


Merseyside Waterfront Regional Park


CABE (Commission for Architecture and the Environment)

Of course if the LibDems dont want this money, they could always give it back?

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scouseboy said...

The Fib Dems taking credit for someone else's work. No change there then!
Seen a small item in todays Daily Post. Some School crossing patrol posts in Liverpool are to be not filled. I bet that news won't appear in the Fib Dem Focus!!