Thursday, January 22, 2009

First ever Asian leader elected in Kirklees as Tories are forced out

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Great news! My old friend Mehboob Khan is now leading Kirklees in a Lab/LibDem coalition (not so great) after a vote of no-confidence brought an end to Tory rule.

It is a result of a contraversial BSF scheme which it is alleges favoured Tory wards.

(That is about where to build the new secondary schools of the future and which schools might have to move or merge in the process)

What a great time for the first ever Asian leader of Kirklees to be elected, the day after the first black President of USA was inaugurated - change is indeed coming


scouseboy said...

Congratulations to Cllr Khan, and lets hope the next time the electorate of Kirklees have an opportunity to elect an authority, they return a Labour Council rather than a coilition.

Louise Baldock said...

Well it is a nice idea, but to be honest it is a real three-way marginal borough and no party has been the largest in years