Monday, January 19, 2009

Kensington Remembers - Holocaust commemoration - January 24th 2009

Please consider putting this event in your diary. It is of course a very serious event, looking at the Holocaust and more modern genocide as it has affected and goes on affecting residents in Kensington.

Not only is it part of Liverpool's offering for Holocaust Remembrance Day next Tuesday but in the week when the first black President of the United States of America is inaugurated, it is especially poignant to look at how life still is for many Africans in particular.

The afternoon is only for the deadly serious, with a long debate about the use of rape as a method of fear and control in genocide, but the evening should be lighter. We have youth performances at 6pm (they wont be permitted access until after the debate has finished), ethnic food from India and Africa at 7pm and then commemorative performances from some of the groups represented in Kensington who have suffered or still do in their native countries; Jews, Roma, Kosovans, Darfurians, Poles, Slovaks, Congolese, Kurds and Rwandans.
We expect music, dance, drama and poetry.

The event ends at 10.30pm

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