Friday, January 16, 2009

Barbie on message in dog fouling campaign

I thought my mate Susan was pulling my leg when she told me about this yesterday, but it seems it is true.

Mattel have brought out a toy dog, Barbie's own dog, Tanner, who eats dog biscuits, then poos, then Barbie uses her pooper scooper to pick up the poo then she puts away in the dog poo bin (which then transforms back into a box of dog biscuits so the whole thing can go round again)

Apparently Dylan is so enamoured with this poohing dog that he wants to buy his Dad one for his birthday.

And just so you know I have not made it up, here is a link to a video on YouTube of an advert from three years ago.

How could I not have heard of this before? It has been out for a good few years apparently but there must have been a veil of silence cast over it as I am sure I would have picked up on it.

Just think, I could have used one as a prop in my debate in the town hall last year about the lack of dog wardens in Liverpool. I could have been lifting that tail up and down to persuade the dog, which looks a bit like a golden retriever, to first eat and then pooh.

And I just KNOW Steve Faragher is going to be fascinated by this. And they are only £20.00

Here is an advert from Amazon complete with reviews from Mums and Dads.

- there is a peeing cat too but I am less interested in that, Barbie changes the cat litter tray apparently.


Anonymous said...

It's been around for quite some time and is always advertised on the childrens TV channels on Sky. An interesting idea really that will hopefully help to teach kids that dog mess needs to be removed by the owner.

scouseboy said...

I clicked on the you tube link, and also watched the "tinkle barbie" They appealed to the mischeif in me, I found them both highly amusing.
My mind was then sent racing with endless possibilities, some of them not really suitable for a family blog!!

Susan said...

See, I wasn't making it up!!! And Dylan wants to show you how it works, too!

steve faragher said...

That's Kenny the dog's Birthday present sorted...he will probably tear it up.

what do you mean he isnt real?