Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bitter irony as new British Citizens are asked to pledge allegiance to Queen's heirs and successors which includes Prince Harry

Just a quick note really. I spoke at a lovely ceremony today, delighted to welcome people into British Citizenship. Even the little children, beautifully dressed in their Sunday best, were joining in.

As part of their ceremony new citizens are asked to pledge allegiance to the Queen, her heirs and successors. And on the same day we see Prince Harry in a video he made himself calling a fellow soldier a "Paki" and another one a "Raghead" because he was wearing a teatowel on his head.

Members of the Windsor family expect people to bend their knee to them and for them to honour them and look up to them, and indeed for them to pledge allegiance to them. And then they behave like this. It is a total disgrace

It is no wonder I'm a republican is it?

(Yes I have thought long and hard about whether a republican should act as a dignatory at a citizenship ceremony. I am not asked to say anything that I dont believe in and I am passionate about welcoming new citizens and about sharing what is the best about being British. I dont have to pledge any allegiances during the ceremony myself, having been born British, and there are MPs in Parliament who are republicans who get through their ceremonies okay. So I came to a decision that it was okay for me to take part, I love doing it.

Of course if there is a public outcry now I have dared to criticise a Prince (is it treasonable? Off with her head!), I will reclaim my Sundays and ask my critics to help find another volunteer from within the council to take my place. But hopefully it wont come to that.


scouseboy said...

Like you I am a republican, I have no time for the parasites called the Royal Family whatsoever. I would do away with the monarchy tomorrow, and it rankles me I am a "subject" instead of a citizen on my passport.
On balance, I think you should carry on attending the citizenship ceremonies. You do not have to support the monarchy, and I certainly do not think you are compromising your principles by attending these services.
By attending, you are positively demonstrating your commitment to a diverse culture in our society, and social inclusion. Please don't let the shortcomings of the parasitic first family of our nation put you off attending in the future.

steve faragher said...

What's so wrong with the "P" word, in fact I use it all the time especially in relation to the Royal Family.....Parasites, well that's the P word I was thinking about. I used to have a badge with a picture of the Queen Mother "90 years strong and still a parasite".