Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Fuel Poverty (Eradication) Bill update

I have been working with the Association for the Conservation of Energy to encourage those MPs lucky enough to be have pulled out of the draw for the Private Members Ballot (of MPs in Westminster) to take on the Fuel Poverty (Eradication) Bill.

I have been lobbying Lindsay Hoyle, Labour MP for Chorley to take up this bill as he was lucky enough to be pulled out of the draw. In the end Lindsay let me know that although he is very supportive of this cause, and has been working on it for a couple of years already, someone else the Association had also lobbied has already chosen to take it forwars - a Lib Dem MP named David Heath - and so he would be finding another subject for his own bill.

This email reproduced below explains where the Association will go with this bill about fuel poverty next. I hope everyone in Liverpool can get behind it.

"Dear Cllr Baldock,

I am delighted to inform you that David Heath, the Lib Dem MP for Somerton and Frome, has agreed to adopt the Fuel Poverty (Eradication) Bill. He was drawn at number 2 in the Private Members’ Ballot, which means that the Bill will be allocated a significant chunk of precious Parliamentary time.

I would like to extend my warm thanks to you for taking the time and trouble to write to Lindsay Hoyle, and although this Bill has now been adopted by a Liberal Democrat MP I feel sure that you will continue to support this important campaign so that we can ensure an end to fuel poverty once and for all!

As you know, the Bill is being supported by a broad coalition of organisations, who together form the Sustainable Energy Partnership (SEP).

The Partnership includes all the major environmental and fuel poverty NGOs and relevant sustainable energy trade associations. SEP has an unrivalled track record in campaigning for resources, legislation and targets to create a more sustainable UK energy policy. We campaign not just on fuel poverty, but on broader climate change issues; we promote a wide range of energy efficiency and sustainable energy policies.

SEP also has an active supporter network, without whom we would achieve significantly less! Given your interest in the Fuel Poverty (Eradication) Bill, I would be delighted to register you as a SEP supporter so that you can be kept up to date with the campaign, but do let me know if you would prefer not to receive any further communications.

Thanks again for your support.

Best wishes,

Olivia Andrews

Parliamentary Campaigner

Association for the Conservation of Energy"

I have removed her contact details so that she is not spammed

If you want to learn more about the Association and the campaign, please here


Jim said...

An excellent campaign it is. Considering what is happening beyond our borders and the UK's move towards reliance on imported energy, bills like this and the issues it covers will come more and more to the fore. gas wholesale prices jumped 26% last week in 3 days. The thought that we may see a reduction in bills in the long term is becoming less and less likely.

scouseboy said...

Lets hope that this does not go the way of many private members bill, that is get talked out. It would be a great shame if this private members bill does not go a lot further than the introduction stage.