Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Ice skating and a Christmas Fair in Fairfield - video

Putting Neighbourhoods First, which Councillors attend with partners and agencies, agreed to fund a Christmas event in Fairfield at St Francis of Assisi Academy in December.

We spent about £9k between us - Councillors using some of the WNF budget and lots of our RSLs putting cash in, LHT, Venture, LMH, C7 etc, and the event was organised by Lisa from the school.

It was great fun, there was an internet cafe, face-painting, a survey and chance to win a big fluffy dog with LHT, Kenny the Superlambana was there, as was Father Christmas in a beautiful grotto designed by LIPA students working with pupils and there was a great little ice-rink

Steve Faragher has made a video which you can see here, it just shows what a lovely time everyone had.


scouseboy said...

The ice rink: shades of the silver blades!!! Shame our kids have to go to Deeside or Altrincham to skate. Has nobody ever asked the officers of the council to investigate some form of Euro/government funding package to bring an ice rink back to Liverpool? Perhaps the officers already have investigated this, and the cost was found to be prohibitive. Maybe,as an alternative, they could investigate whether the arena could accomodate this when it has no shows on, but I think the cost would probably rule this out.

steve faragher said...

it'll cost about 11 million quid, there are only three sites that could accomodate the RINK where it originally was but this is about to be over run with japanese knotweed and sods, the old market site or the Innovation park, although NWDA might not find it innovative enough

Louise Baldock said...

The old market site would be ideal. I wonder if it is time to research the details of the owners of every private ice rink in Britain and write to them to ask them to consider coming here? I could try that, what do you think?