Sunday, July 01, 2007

A wet visit to York

I drove over to York on Saturday night to spend some time with Susan, Tom and Dylan (not really a baby any more) in their new home.

We had a great evening, Tom cooked a lovely curry from scratch and then we drank wine, caught up and enjoyed ourselves. Susan insisted I joined up with Facebook and then we discussed plans for a visit to the north of the northwest of Scotland for a friend's wedding in September.

Today we went to the RHS centre at Harlow Carr, it only rained a bit while we were there but we drove through flash flooding on the way back to York. I took some great photos, I will pop a few up, I only know how to do one photo per post so there will have to be several posts.

I got home in good time, although the A1 and the M62 were rough in places.
A lovely weekend with my mates, I just hope this facebook stuff doesnt end up being a pain in the bum!


Anonymous said...

Loving the blog entry...but it's HARLOW CARR....!


Louise Baldock said...

Oh yes, so it is......silly woman. I will edit it now