Sunday, July 01, 2007

Councillorship training - equality and diversity and community involvement

The second session of this module of the councillorship qualification is fascinating. We are asked to concentrate on those who are in a minority in our ward, women and men in different ways, people with disabilities, older people, younger people and those in the middle age, people of different races and religions and sexual appetites, the whole gamut of the human population.

How should a good councillor engage with all groups in the community? That is the task in hand.

I do my best to go to events where I will meet people from all those different groups and welcome them all to surgeries and public meetings. But there is clearly so much more to be done, given that Kensington and Fairfield is a very diverse place.

I am still trying to decide whether the new African population in the ward would want some of our literature in French, their first language, and whether we should also put out material in Polish, our other new group. Or would they prefer us to keep on with English and not be patronising?

I have asked lots of people in both groups but there is still no consensus, what do you think?

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