Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Setting up a couple of websites for free

I am hoping some enterprising soul out there can give me a few tips.

I want to set up a couple of new websites - one for my genealogy and one for consultancy work.

I dont want to pay for the hostings if I can help it, although would want to buy a replacement URL address for each, I see these sites as being more for information and much less interactive than a blog. I would want to be able to display photographs, PDFs, text, logos etc, with contact details and a way to email me from the site.

I have a blueyonder email account and understand I could have a website with them but I have struggled to find out how to do it on their site. I keep get taking to a page I cannot understand where my login details for my email account dont get me into it?

I am clearly doing something wrong.

Other than Blogger which is great for blogging but wouldn't be the right format for my new sites, and Blueyonder, what else could you suggest?

I dont want something that is free for now but where I would have to start paying later, and ideally I want a standard layout function within the setup so I dont have to write HTML but can just use it the way they have it - a Frontpage perhaps?

Any ideas?


Stuart Bruce said...

Louise, you're almost asking for the impossible. But you might want to try either or Both are free, fairly easy to use and probably powerful/flexible enough to do what you want. You'll need to spend some time learning about them. Terapad would probably be my suggestion, as it has lots of features but you don't need to use them all at first.

steve faragher said..., use ibuild an easy to use content management system, your URL would have kesingtonvision..... alternatively if you want try do web hosting and URL registration and a site wizard for about £50 for two years,thats where I have mine

Louise Baldock said...

Oh ye of little faith young Stuart

Four suggestions already!

I will look into these options and let you know how I get on

Thanks so much

Ian Jackson said...

Never used free sites myself.
Freewebs looks ok but bandwidth is limited unless you upgrade (

Google (who own blogger) don't advertise it much but they have a free service at
looks quite straightforward you get a url like