Friday, July 27, 2007

Elm Park Residents

A good meeting on Wednesday night, I had asked Ade and Ronnie from Neighbourhood Services to come along and talk about how we can clear up the back entries (alleys) in the Hinton/Parton/Kelso/Ottley area from rubbish and dogs so that we can establish community gardens there.

They were great, they promised to begin enforcement activities straight away in both dog ownership roaming and fouling and also to tackle our prima donna bin men who will only take wheely bins with flat lids (not too much rubbish in them) where the handles point towards the road (!!!)

This TRA on the neglected north side of the ward (not in the Kenny Regen area) does not get agencies to attend as a rule, but now that Ade and Ronnie have been and were so warmly welcomed, I have promised to get the police to come to the September meeting.

On the south side within the Kenny Regen area, all the TRAs get loads of partners and agencies attending, on the north side they get me, Wendy and Frank (sometimes) but no-one else. I am determined that they should be taken as seriously as everyone else.

This weekend they are having a children's party in St Sebs club (Sunday) and plans are going well for a trip to Llandudno on Sept 2nd, only £5!


JB said...

Margaret Smith of Elm Park is a fine lady and always makes it to our Newsham Park Management Fora - when they are called, that is!

Frank hasn't run one since last year - shows how high management of Newsham Park is on his agenda!

Louise Baldock said...

I agree, Margaret is a great chair and a great community activist. I assume you have had your invite to the next parks forum? I will be on holiday but did make sure Norah of the Fairfield Residents was invited. I hadnt thought to make sure Margaret was, I will try to ensure she is not missed out.

JB said...

Yes thanks. Steve said it clashed with some council committee, so I'm not sure if it's confirmed yet.

Mind you I'm increasingly skeptical it's even worth our time turning up to - looked at the minutes from the last meeting (December!) and there's little progress I can see.

Nor has there been much over two years it's been set up.

Might be time for some more direct tactics again.

Anonymous said...

my husband is a bin man. He was badly injured by glass in a bin bag sticking out of the top of a wheely bin. This is no joke. there is a reason why the lids are meant to be down. you call them prema donnas but they are trying not to get hurt by selfish people who dont think. shame on you for your rude attitude to working people.

Louise Baldock said...

Anonymous, you are right of course and I stand corrected about bin lids needing to be down. But I think my point about the handles having to point to the road still stands.

These people suffer from thoughtless locals who pile up their rubbish in other people's bins which then dont get emptied, through no fault of their own.

Hope your husband is okay.