Saturday, July 07, 2007

Jane Kennedy, friend or boss?

I sent Jane a text message last week, saying that I hoped she had the call from number 10 offering her a post in Gordon Brown's new Government the following day.

Joy of joys, she did get the call. As Ian Herron described in yesterday's Daily Post, she is now the Financial Secretary to the Treasury, a very big job indeed. She is the Paymaster General in all but name, the title goes to Tessa Jowell, the work goes to Jane. Ian says she is inches away from being in the cabinet itself and I will be the first to congratulate her when she is elevated to the cabinet, I know this will happen.

This of course means that she is my new boss at work. Although I never talk about work on the blog, I have been approached by work mates the country over this week, all asking me if I know Jane and saying how thrilled they are with her appointment.

Yes I know her, yes she is my friend, yes I will help her all I can and yes she is going to sort out new tax credits if it is the last thing she does.

A great appointment of a great woman and things, as they say, can only get better.

Go Jane!


Qui-Gon Jinn said...

It can be difficult to remain friends with someone when they become your boss...particularly when their fist job is to sack 500 of the people that work for them!

old dick said...

or extra coven member? we must know the facts

Anonymous said...

taxcredits leave us with real prolems.its here fault now.

Louise Baldock said...

Now then, what interesting contributions. A week in the job and suddenly you are not "responsible for sorting it out" but now it is "your fault"!

As to old Dick, you are either a piss-take or a rampant misogynist, I have not yet made my mind up.

But if you genuinely believe that politicians who come together in common cause, and who happen to be women, are by defaut witches, we shall have a very strange time of it.

Now where is my spell book.....?

Old Dick said...

what about Pearl Harbor, wasnt that Jane Kennedy's fault too, then there was the Alamo too!