Friday, July 27, 2007

Community Safety - Kenny Regen

Another packed Community Safety meeting, it is easily the most popular of the Kenny Regen committees

I was a bit late having hot-footed it over from Seaforth and our inspection of the planned dock improvements

I managed to sit in for the Carbon Monoxide detectors session though, we have about 150 people waiting for an alarm to be installed. Now Maria has to persuade the volunteers of the Fire Service to put them in - you cannot put them anywhere, they need somewhat precise installation instructions.

Alan Kelly was quite right when he pointed out how far the committee has come. Now we are all quietly pleased with the progress that different partners are making in resolving local safety and anti-social behavour problems. So much to praise. The domestic abuse team are doing great work, the youth clubs are totally on board, then we have HEAT. We are blessed really.

Two years ago there was a lot of anger and no links at all between the residents and the different solution-providers

The utterly marvellous, handsome and wise Inspector Charnock (hope that gives me a few brownie points when I need a crime solving for a resident in the future Dave) told us that he wanted to put KNDC police team forward for the community police team of the year award. I had already sent my letter of commendation and others agreed to do so too. They really deserve it. They are like a cross between Heartbeat and the Sweeney, if you can imagine that. Happy to mingle with the residents and make friends on one hand and yet not afraid to swoop on the dealers, burglars, robbers and thugs, on the other hand. Simon Joyce must be the best Police Sergeant in the country, I cannot think what another Sergeant could do that he doesn't do. I am in a strange position really, representing a ward thick with violent crimes, serious dealing and masses of early stage ASB by kids emulating their criminal family members, and yet our police are very thoroughly on top of it. You only have to think about the work they have done to rid the streets of prostitutes for instance.

Tongue out of cheek for a minute, they are really very very good and we are lucky to have them in our ward.

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