Friday, July 13, 2007

Fabulous Friday 13th

We are supposed to be nervous of Friday 13ths but I have had a fab day today (granted it is not entirely over yet and there is still time for something to go horribly wrong).

Work was good, I spent some time with colleagues helping them design a training programme.
Then I went off to a social event with Kensington Regeneration, it was meant to be a BBQ but like much else in the city in the last 6 weeks, it was rained off. So we ate indoors instead. I had a lovely long chat with our local police team, even Inspector Charnock himself was there (I say, that is Charnock, not Chadwick, certain local councillors please note, if you are going to name-drop, do please try and get it right!). I was regaled with various tales of successful collar-feeling (as a big reader of crime novels I do like to throw in a bit of the vernacular), I was fascinated, as I always am, to hear about the exploits of some of the most stupid criminals in the world, and all living in Liverpool.

One story which we are still laughing about was when a local criminal in Liverpool broke into a warehouse, attacked a guard and then stole his phone. The police were called and one officer decided to call the stolen guard's phone. The offender answered and the police officer pretended to be the guard, said he recognised the offender, forgave him and wished him well, saying he knew him and his friends and was on their side. The police officer kept him talking for long enough for other police officers to find him, until the point when the offender told the man on the phone that he would have to end the call as the bizzies had arrived. This confirmed they had their man and the rest is history.

They also told me about how useful YouTube has been in helping fight gang activity. These gangs are so arrogant that they post their own videos on the internet of them committing crimes. The police then send the video snatches to their experts who are able to identify voice patterns and images and identify the perpetrators.

You couldn't make it up.

I took the opportunity to talk to Val from GEARS about our plans at the As One anti-social behaviour group for physical boxing training for young men and boys in the area. We are all of the view that hitting a punch bag and doing press-ups etc is much more fulfilling than falling around drunk and mugging innocent passers-by. We are going to try for a scheme to develop the availability of this training in the area. I dont like boxing, I dont really agree with it, but I do agree with the training and think it would be wonderful to extend this very disciplined activity across the area.

We also chatted about some ideas for young women and girls, like nail-painting and adornment, fashion and beauty.

Then I went to our surgery where I took a bit of time out to help Rob, the security man who helps guard us while we are there, to update his CV.

Councillor Ian Jobling contacted me to talk about our joint campaign to outlaw smacking, more on this later, and then Carl came to see me to develop our thoughts about mine and Wendy's radio show on Kensington Radio in the autumn.

A busy day and I loved it all


Cath said...

As you know my sister is a solicitor in a northern magistrates court - she told the story of a small time crook who had his name tattooed on the back of his head!!
As you say, they aren't very bright - at least the ones who get caught aren't!

Kenny Lad said...

The biggest criminals in this city wear suits and look legit.