Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A very tough surgery (advice session)

I dont want to get into details but Friday's surgery was the most harrowing I have ever experienced.

Thank God Wendy was with me to take one of the cases as each was so important they merited a good hour each.

All were housing crises, all were women, all were particularly dreadful.

I rarely get housing queries, there is not that much public housing left in the ward, mostly they are home owners or more likely, private lets.

I had three cases which would have been at the top of anyone's emergency lists

Sadly the principal housing officer that I have subsequently contacted has not reacted in the strong positive way I would have hoped for.

I dont know whose fault that is. It may be that, as I have long suspected, the situation with the housing waiting list is so dire and the homes available to be let to them, so few, that we simply cannot help people even when they hit every conceivable button.

A nightmare

Perhaps it is my fault, maybe I just dont understand, but when people tell you that their life is in danger or that their children are at risk unless you act, you expect that when you approach the authorities, they will take note both of you as a councillor and of your constituent.

This has not happened here

My question to the watching audience is what do I do? What mistakes am I making? Should I be breaking one of my own golden rules and going to the Executive Director for instance rather than the local people I am building relations with.

Please, anyone out there, tell me how to get a good response for these women in such pain and difficulty.

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