Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Councillor candidates coming out of the woodwork as elections approach

You wouldn't believe the amount of meetings I have been to lately where councillors who are up for election this year are suddenly crawling out from under their stones.

For nine months I have been the only councillor at pretty much everything in K&F, whether it is in the New Deal for Communities area, or the neglected buffer zone on the other side of the road.

And now amazingly other councillors are turning up and trying to show an interest. I wonder how they find it, how they feel, when it is clear that I am a regular attender who makes full contributions and obviously knows the history of issues while they are just sitting quietly, completely in the dark?

Well I say "I wonder how they find it?", the answer is obviously that they are shameless, so they don't care.

It probably doesnt even piss them off to think that I have been carrying all the responsibility while they got up to their important work in the Town Hall and neglected their local ward. They probably think it is funny.

It certainly pisses the residents off though, they are not as green as you might imagine and notes have been taken, cards have been marked. I look forward to polling day with increasing enthusiasm.

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