Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Carbon monoxide detectors in Fairfield

Maria Grimes and Kenny Regen organised a meeting last week where key members of Community Safety committee, Fire Service, Community 7 Housing Association (C7), the Primary Care Trust and local Police agreed in principle that Kenny Regen in conjuction with C7 would buy a number of detectors for a pilot area - Fairfield neighbourhood.

We still have to work on plans for door-knocking to persuade residents to take them up (we may have some volunteers from among the retired fire officers' voluntary group and we all ourselves volunteered to do it too). We also have to find someone to install them, apparently the FBU are not keen on fire officers doing it.

We also had a debate about the best model to purchase, I told the meeting about the HSE findings about which one passed their tests after a year.

Pat and Alan from the Board were asking about other areas who have systematically introduced CO detectors and what we could learn from them, but the Fire officer, Haydn, seemed to think this was probably quite unique, certainly unusual and wasn't really happening anywhere else for us to compare it with. Although he did then mention South Yorkshire, so we said we would go away and talk to them too about how they managed practically.

All technicalities which I am sure we will get over, but what a wonderful result. I'll keep you posted as to progress.

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Octopus8 said...

The debate you had about the only CO unit that passed the HSE Executive tests was in fact the SF450EN that is made by Honeywell.

I have also done a search and this website appears to be selling the unit. www.carbon-monoxide-detectors.co.uk

Hope that helps.