Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Campaigning in the Community - the Labour Party Diploma

I delivered some regional training in Radcliffe, Manchester on Saturday afternoon, the module on campaigning in the community.

I wont tell you what I told them, who knows who might be reading this, but we had a very interesting session. I think I may have learnt a few things from the participants as well as them learning some stuff from me, always the best way.

What I did tell them though was that you should never be afraid to put yourself forward as an advocate and a champion of your community, elected or not.

I was holding surgeries in Holmfirth without ever having been elected, it never stopped me from solving problems or fighting injustices. Wendy is as welcome at Residents' meetings as I have always been, nobody ever says "Hey, thanks for your interest but dont bother us until you have been elected". We just have to have the courage of our convictions.

We didn't get round to the conversation about the value of blogs and the internet that we have started here already but there was some very useful stuff about identifying and working closely with single issue groups, voluntary groups, charities, unions, people with their own fights and campaigns they would welcome involvement with.

The buffet wasn't bad either

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