Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Liverpool Councillorship Programme

This is by way of being homework.

I am doing the Liverpool Councillorship Programme in conjunction with the University of Chester.

My first module (I think the third or fourth for longer serving councilors) has been "Modern Communications and Media Management". I have to write about working with the written media, the radio, TV and what they call "modern techniques."

I thought I would talk about blogging as one part of modern techniques. It seems appropriate. Using a blog as a form of communicating with local people, residents, agencies, politicians and interest groups in the area.

So if you would like to contribute to my evidence, for my portfolio, perhaps you can spare a moment to let me know whether you find this form of modern communication useful, what the downsides are, what you like about my communicating in this way (in tandem with all the more traditional methods of course.)

You can stay anonymous, but if you read this for information, for interest or indeed in scorn, do let me know, you can be a quoted source in my report!

(I had to laugh to read that the people who created the course think that public meetings are a modern form of communication, tell that to Victor Grayson!)

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Suzanne said...

I love blogs. It feels like someone is giving you permission to read their personal diary. Its their thoughts and feelings and therefore makes you connect with the writer.

I think as a reader it can also at times create a very emotional response. Passionately agreeing or disagreeing with a view and therefore pull you into a debate or discussion much more effectively that other mediums. You only have to read the comments sections of some blogs to find evidence of that.

Also as many blogs are "soft" political content they can pull in unlikely readers on specific topics of interest which other forms of direct political communication - leaflets - wouldn't do.

For what it is worth you are welcome to quote me if you like :0)