Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Baby Dylan comes to Liverpool

Well he is not a baby any more, not really, he has learnt to walk, but my special little friend Dylan brought his mum and dad to Liverpool on Saturday for the weekend.

I dont know how best to describe him really, I am his "special person" which is a bit like being a godmother only the ceremony was a civil one, so he cannot be my godson, perhaps he is my "special son"?

Anyway, we had a great time.

I got back from Speke in time to make the beds, tidy up and move the breakables out of the way.

We had a curry take out from the fantastic Sakander on Allerton Road on Saturday night, I was too tired from a busy week to make the tea, well that is my excuse anyway.

On Sunday morning we went up to the statues on Crosby beach. Readers will know I am a big fan and take all my visitors to see Anthony Gormley's wonderful masterpiece. I was trying to get an update on whether they are now staying or now going or still in doubt. I went on the Liverpool Daily Post website and the Sefton council website to no avail. If you have an update please post it here, I would be very grateful.

Susan and Dylan stayed on the promenade and Tom and I took some mood photographs down on the sand.


We then went to the equally wonderful Halfway on Woolton Road where I can be found most Sundays having a great carvery lunch - you wont find a better one in Liverpool. See you there.

In the afternoon we went to the Albert Dock and Susan and Tom took Dylan into the Tate to see the Chapman exhibition. I knew I wouldnt like it so I had a walk along the shops instead.

It was interesting to go into the "Heritage shop" and see not one single item relating to the city's 800th birthday. I went up to the shop assistant and asked her why this was, had they not ordered any, did they not know about the merchandise, was the 08 place selfishly hanging on to the merchandise, but she did not know what I was talking about, not really.

So my question to the Culture company, which if I get my act together I will properly ask them, is, wouldnt it be a good idea to get some merchandise onto the Albert Dock. Lots of visitors never come into the city centre or the 08 place but do come onto the Dock and would appreciate the things they could buy.

Why does it take a newbie like me to point out the blindingly obvious, that is what I want to know!

I teased Tom all day about his studious use of the SatNav in his car. As we approached the car park I prefer in Crosby he plaintively said "Louise, we are running out of road". I was happy to point out the car park to him, saying that if he looked out of the windscreen instead of looking at his monitor, he would have seen where we were going. Are SatNavs the next mobile phones in terms of distracting drivers?

Anyway, the irony was that the sodding thing broke down as we left the Albert Dock and they had to drive back to York, via my house, using old fashioned skills like reading road signs and asking for directions, what a nightmare that must have been.

A great weekend with my Labour Party mates from ten years ago in head office.

And a wonderful weekend with my special boy.


Dylan said...

Dear Councillor Auntie Lou Lou,

Wow! I really enjoyed reading your blog. I have never been on a blog before, so I am very excited by my first appearance. I had a great weekend at your house. I especially liked playing with your telephone and answer machine - especially when I got it to say "all messages deleted!" That was really good fun. You'll be pleased to know that Daddy got home even without his satnav, and he has now fixed it, which means he is able to drive again....
I do like your blog, as it means I know what you're doing, even when I can't see you.
And I'm delighted to be your special boy...and very pleased that you're my special auntie Lou lou.

Big sloppy hugs from Dylan xxxx

Louise Baldock said...

Thank you Dylan for your comments, what a good typist you are for one so young! I hope I will see you again really soon.

An update on the selling of 800th birthday souvenirs on the Albert Dock. I have now been in touch with the capital of culture people and the merchandising officer in particular and she has reassured me that this is all in hand. Apparently they are even thinking of renting their own shop down there, having already approached retailers about selling some of the goodies. I think it will be great and look forward to visiting it.

But I do need to say, can we just hurry it up now please, we are already in March, only another 9 months of the birthday left.