Thursday, February 22, 2007

Kensington's new neighbourhood centre

If you click on the link in the title of this blog, you should be taken to a piece in the Liverpool Daily Post where I am quoted as saying the following about the submission of the plans for a new neighbourhood centre in Kenny (actually technically it is probably in Fairfield but we wont go back into that whole debate just now if you don't mind). It also tells you about some of the detail of the application.

I told the Post that

"Local people have been promised this centre for years, at last something might really happen. The Labour Government has ploughed millions of pounds into the area and this will help tremendously to smarten the place up.

I hope it will provide much needed quality shops and I will continue to campaign for a bank here too which we also desperately need. If it does now finally go ahead it will be a great boost and will go a long way to rebuilding some lost confidence following years of delay and decay."

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