Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Elm Park Residents

Had an interesting meeting with Elm Park residents. They are running a door-to-door lottery to fund their activities, they get to host a lot of social events for local people with the money. I think they do a good job, the Christmas party was good fun, I do like St Sebs club. They were talking about an easter event for the kids with dressing up and bonnets, a summer event, maybe a BBQ in the new community gardens and a do at the end of November. How is that for forward planning?

Wendy and I learnt about anti-social behaviour problems in Parton Street, the little sods have cut down the No Ball Games signs the residents paid for, I told them to put them straight back up and keep on putting them back up.

We have promised to get the police and the anti-social behaviour unit to work with the officers once they have found out who the kids are and where they live.

I let them know that I was promised a new lamp post for the end of Ottley Street, I think it might have been turned on this week, must remember to check next time I drive past in the dark.

They were over the moon with the local police action over the crack houses on Sheil Road. I promised to let the police know, they like a bit of praise and it doesn't come their way all that often. I think I might ask Inspector Charnock if I can copy his report to the Secretaries of the Residents Associations each month, I know it would mean a lot to them to see it.

The Labour Party Christmas hampers had gone down very well with the local residents they chose to receive them, all in all a very positive meeting.

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